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Pearly Whites and Long Nights

Hello fellas! I've been very busy these last few days chewing on absolutely everything I have access to. My favorite chew is a piece of meat my paw-rents naively call a cow spiral. I've had so many play dates this week and i'm starting to understand why famous people are so stressed all the time- It's hard being cute and personable 24/7.

I have yet to sleep through the night but I'm getting better at not peeing in the house. It's hard to remember to pee outside when there are so many toys and people around!

Y'all will be happy to know that I still look like a chicken nugget. I'm hoping to resemble a chicken tender one day- keep your fingers crossed!

Have a paw-fect week!

P.S. My runny nose ran away! My compliments to the vet!