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Southern Charm outside the Farm

Hi doggos! I flew all the way from Kaos Farms in North Carolina to Texas! I have been home for two days and it has been SO MUCH FUN! Apart from waking up my family at ungodly hours each night, I am a joy. I am so smart and have already learned my name... kind of. I respond to "Harper", "Puppy", "not in the house!", and "it's bedtime." In terms of potty-training, I have only pooped in the house one time and it was in the human's bathroom so technically, I didn't do anything wrong. I spend my afternoons frolicking around in the backyard and attacking aggressive leaves and pinecones that try to invade my home. Hope y'all had a snazzy Mother's day! Don't forget to show your paw-rents how much you love them!

And one other thing: my name is now Harper! In the most dramatic twist of the century, I decided to change my name! I understand that this is a lot for some of you to handle; therapists are standing by if this decision brought on any trauma.

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